KYIVPHOTOWEEK  2017     Reality.Evidence

24-26 листопада, комплекс "Торонто-Київ"

KYIVPHOTOWEEK  2017     Reality.Evidence

International photography fair

November 24-26 , center "Toronto-Kyiv"

International Art Photography Forum


Mission of project Kyivphotoweek is development of photography industry in Ukraine, promotion of photography as an art, educational activities in arts related to photography.

Kyivphotoweek 2017 Reality.Evidence is the annual international photography fair, 

opened for  photographers from around the world,  for all  genres. During  exhibition photographers can show their best works, meet with their admirers, collectors and buyers.

Open call for photographers

Art Spatium Foundation, in collaboration with Tuzov Art Group, is selecting photographers for participation in KYIVPHOTOWEEK International photography exhibition , that will be hosted in Kyiv, at Toronto-Kiev art-space from November 23-26, 2017. Kyivphotoweek is a platform for photographers meeting with the buyers, collectors and gallery owners.

The main topic of KYIVPHOTOWEEK 2017 is “Reality. Evidence” reflects the ability of photography to fix the fine line between the past and the future. But we are not just talking about the photos of reality we live. First of all, we are talking about the realities that are present in the soul of the artist and reflect his feelings, emotions, dreams.

Selection is open to all genres of photography, installation in field of photography and video, art performance and video arts. 

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Art space

Complex "Toronto-Kyiv"

November 24-26 

Application for Exhibitors 

If you want to participate in the Forum as an Exhibitor, please send the Application form.