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International photo-forum KIEVPHOTOWEEK 2017 Reality.Evidence represents the largest photo exhibition in Ukraine on 24-26 November 2017 in Toronto-Kyiv complex.

Visitors will find works in all photography genres made by famous and young Ukrainian and foreign photographers. 
Among participants:
              Roman Pyatkovka, photo Oscar awarded, the best concept photographer in the world;
              Victor Sydorenko, legend of Ukrainian art, curator and artist, with his project “Levitation”;
               Intellectual-philosopher Oleksander Klymenko with project “Transtemporal photography. The Road dreams”;
               “Brucie collections” gallery with unique photo collection;
               Igor Gayday will represent works from “” project and his new conceptual project;
               Ruslan Lobanov will show his own view on elegance of female body;
               Sergii Tumasov will surprise with monumental landscapes.
Special exposure will be dedicated to alternative photography – ambergris, pinchol, cyanotypes.
Important part of Forum will take education program, which main goal is to help photographers to get their way and necessary stages of development. Also attention will be paid to administrative and legal aspects of copyright protection. During the discussion part of program successful photographers will tell about their financing projects experience. The conversation about classical and alternative photography will not be left out.