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Terms and Conditions


Participant, exhibitor – photographer, who has booked and payed the contribution for the participation in the Forum.

Contribution - payment for the participation in the Forum.

Forum – photo exhibition KYIVPHOTOWEEK 2017.

Advertisement - the usage of advertising materials in mass media including printed materials, printing industry, any other electronical devices that store information, TV channels and the internet.

Advertising materials - any information about a Forum Participant, that is provided for Participants or Organizers in a voluntary manner, including photos of Participants for the catalog of the Forum and photos, made by third parties while the Forum.

Information for catalog - personal information about the Participant and his/her photos that will be placed in the catalog after informing about this the Participant.

Images for catalog -photos of the Participant with the resolution of 300 dots per inch, in the TIF format, in size of 2500 dots for longer side.

Photo - printed and framed photos. A minimum size of framed work is 45×45 sm.

Exhibition area - complex “ Toronto - Kyiv” , address : 100, V.Vasilkyvkya str., Kiev, Ukraine.

1. These rules and conditions are applied during the Forum if others are not mentioned. Signing up these rules, the Participant agrees and follows them.

2. Any photographer or gallery from all parts of the world can take part in the Forum in order to demonstrate their works or the works that they are allowed to demonstrate.

3. Providing with his/her biography and personal information, the Participant guarantees that all information is actual and reliable.

4. Participant declares that he/she has a right to demonstrate photos, exhibited on the Forum.

5. Any personal information provided by the Participant can be used by the Organizers according to the Ukranian legislation on data protection and this information will not be provided by Organizers to third parties without previous agreement.

6. Signing up these rules, Participant allows processing his personal information according to the Law of Ukraine "On Information" and the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data".

7. Organizers are allowed to disclose personal information if it is necessary according the law.

8. Demonstrating on the Forum photos, that consist pornography, racist or discrimination contest or are not allowed by regional or international laws, is forbidden .

9. Organizers are able to dismiss the Participant from taking part in the Forum without paying back contribution if Participants do not follow the rules, according to the opinion of Organizers.

10. Participants provide photos for the exhibition that are completely ready for the installation (printed, framed). Organizers are allowed to make holes in the back of frame for the installation.

11. Participants print and frame photos by themselves and by their payment. Organizers are ready to consult in issues of choosing the photo, printing and framing for the exhibition.

12. Participants photos for the exhibition should be in one of the following designs: 

• frame 

• mat/frame (with or without the glass),

• Installed on a solid composite material with reinforcement of an aluminum frame

• diasec technology.

13. Photos that are printed and placed on a foam carton are not allowed for the exhibition.

14. Photos on the stand are installed in one line. 15. Installation in two or three lines is allowed by the agreement with Organizers if photos are a small size and belong to the same series..

16. Participant should provide sketch of his stand not later than 10 November 2017. Organizers agree and make final decision about the exhibition for each Participant.

17. Exhibition of the participant can be installed by workers of Organizers for extra payment.

18. Participants are allowed to install their exhibitions by themselves by the agreement of Organizers. In such a case installation should be finished till 21 hour November 22.

19. Photos that are printed and ready for the installation should be delivered to the exhibition area not later than 21 November of 2017. If the Participant doesn’t follow this requirement he/she will not be allowed to take part in the Forum without paying back the contribution for the participation.

20. Providing images for catalog, Participants agree that images can be used in advertisement materials of the Forum, project KYIVPHOTOWEEK and others Organizers’ projects.

21. Participants agree that Organizers or authorized third parties are allowed to take photos of the Participants’ stands while the conduction of the Forum and use received images as advertising materials.

22. Organizers are allowed, at their discretion, reject, delete and forbid for the demonstration photos and images, that ,in their opinion, infringe copyrights or violate the privacy rules.

23. Information, that is provided by the Participant, including photos, should not encroach on intellectual property or violate the privacy rules of third parties.

24. Organizers are not responsible before Participants or third parties, if provided information encroaches on intellectual property or violates the privacy rules of third parties.

25. Participants should provide Organizers with the information and Images for the catalog KYIVPHOTOWEEK 2017 not later than 20 of October 2017.

26. Breaking the deadlines of the providing information for the catalog will result in the disability of including of the information about the Participant in this catalog.

27. Participant organizes the deconstruction and the exportation of his/her exhibition in the last day of the Forum after the end of the work and during the next day.

28. Organizers of the Forum are allowed to edit images, that are provided by Participants, or photos with Participants for the usage as advertising materials. The decision of Organizers is a final decision in this case. 

29. The deadline of providing the applications for the participation in the Forum is 15 October 2017.

30. The contribution for the participation will not be payback if the Participant rejects taking part in the Forum after 20 October 2017 by the reasons that are independent of Organizers.

31. If the Participant has signed up these conditions that means that he/she has read, understood, agreed and is obliged to follow these rules and conditions.