Application for the participation in the Forum  KYIVPHOTOWEEK

For participating in the Forum as an exhibitor, please send the Application. Follow the instructions.

  • Step 1. Fill in “Application for the participation” and send the preview of photos chosen for the exhibition (JPG, 72dpi, max 500 px long side) to the email Name of each file with photo should be printed in a form: Surname_Number_size in sm (planned size of the framed work in the exhibition). As an answer you will receive Rules and Conditions, Packet of the Participant, Questionnaire of the Participant. Receiving of a mentioned means that your photos have been approved for the participation in the Forum*.
  • Step 2. Carefully read received documents.
  • Step 3. Make a choice between Packages (detailed description of the Packages of the Participants). Agree with the Organizers your chosen Packet.
  • Step 4. Make the contribution for the participation in the Forum according to the specified requisites. If the Participant makes the contribution that means that he/she has read, understood and agreed Terms and Conditions.
  • Step 5. Fill the Questionnaire of the Participant.
  •  Step 6. Sent to the email of Organizers ( filled Questionnaire.

                        * If , according to the curators opinion , photos partially or completely don’t meet the criteria of the Forum we will offer you to change your mind about your exhibition. The main task for curators is giving a chance for the Participants to demonstrate their abilities in the best way. Sent photos are not reviewed.